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Animal Trapping Laws in California

For those who are not familiar with the California Animal Trapping Laws, this is the right article to read. Every state is different from each other and has different laws and regulations and that also applies to animal trapping laws. One astonishing fact about California is that relocating wildlife is illegal. Here is the shortlist […]

Gopher Control

Pocket Gophers Pocket gophers are a small rodent about 6 inches long plus the tail are most often grayish brown. They have a very short tail, tiny ears and eyes, and huge exposed yellowish front incisors. They also have large, curved front claws used for digging. Gopher Control How Do I Know if I Need Gopher Control? […]


What is burrow blasting?  This gopher control method is called by different names like burrow blasting, burrow blaster, rodentator, varmitgetter, gopher blaster, gopher blasting, rodent blaster and others.  We use the Varmitgetter for this organic method of gopher control. This poison free gopher control uses near pure oxygen and a small amount of propane that is injected into the […]

Ground Squirrels

There are five species of ground squirrels that are native to California. The ground squirrel that is most likely to be encountered is the California Ground Squirrel also known as the Beechy Ground Squirrel. How Do I Know if I Have Ground Squirrels and not Tree Squirrels ? The California ground squirrel can be identified by physical as well as behavioral characteristics. Adult ground squirrels can reach an […]

Mole Pest Control

Rodent Guys Pest Control 60-Day Guarantee Gopher / Mole Service Upgradeable to 90 days   Moles are mammals that live under ground, burrowing holes. Moles have cylindrical bodies covered in fur with small or covered eyes; the ears are generally not visible. Moles are of the Family Talpidae: several genera and species, including the Eastern Mole ( Scalopus aquaticus) of North America. Moles feed […]

Pet Safe Rodent Control

Pet Safe | No Poison | Gopher Control | Mole Control | Squirrel Control 60-day Guarantee Gopher / Mole Service Rodent Guys is the premier gopher extermination company in Southern California.  Having much concern of customers dogs and children’s safety we offer both traditional poison methods and innovative non poison methods.  Pet safe rodent control is […]