Skunk Facts

Rats and other rodents might pose a serious nuisance to your life at home, but skunks can be as irritating as these pests. Skunks are little mammals that you sometimes see on the side of the street or highway. They are usually black and white and a size of a cat. Skunk can become problematic if they won’t stop burrowing around your house or releasing their signature putrid smell. Here are some facts about skunks and tips on how to get rid of skunks.

From the four species of skunks in North America: hooded, striped, spotted and hog-nosed, the most common type is striped with black and white colors. They are usually 20-30 inches long weighing from 6 to 10 pounds. In addition to the U.S, they are also found throughout Mexico and Canada. They prefer a warm environment and dark locations where it’s less likely to be predatory. Skunks are members of the weasel family.

Skunks are mostly harmless; however they can be nuisances when they choose your lawn or yard to forage for food from the garbage cans. When you see a skunk, do not attempt to approach it because they will spray their signature pungent odor that is hard to take off, (especially on your pet!). Skunks spray when they think they are in a threatening situation, coming into close contact with people. Live skunks smell putridly, so imagine what dead skunks smell like!

Because skunks do not climb, they have a tendency to burrow under your house or shed and they travel in packs, so you will probably find more than one skunk. In this case, call Rodent Guys if you’re from Southern California regions. We offer the best and most effective skunk removal services. Our licensed trappers with Department of Fish and Game got your back!

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