The Importance of Attic Cleaning

If you have had any problems with wildlife inhabiting your attic, then attic cleaning is necessary not only to the well being, but also the sanitation of your house. Besides, the attic is probably going to be damaged depending on the type of wildlife or the intensity of damage the animals caused. Here are some reasons why you should clean and insulate your attic.

When a wildlife has infiltrated the attic, the insulation will be filthy. There will be a lot of animal droppings and urine, along with nesting material and food debris throughout the attic. This will cause a pungent odor all over your house – who wants to live in a house that smells like animal poop? Then, there will be growth of mold resulting from the excretion areas, and in no time, parasites, roundworms and other pathogens will find their way in. In addition, the pheromones that the wild animals leave in your attic will in turn attract more animals and the whole vicious cycle resumes. Under these unfavorable conditions, all you must do to protect the home and the people in it is to clean, decontaminate and restore the attic like it was before.

The common first step is to vacuum the droppings produced by smaller rodents and other types of animals, such as rats, squirrels, mice and birds. If these droppings are extended throughout the insulation, then it might have to be removed and replaced. Bigger droppings, however, have to be cleaned up by hand because vacuum is not powerful enough. Once the attic has been gotten rid of droppings, it has to be sanitized for the remaining debris, such as fur. Then, it’s time for a new insulation to be installed!

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