Burrow Blasting To Get Rid of Gophers


Burrow blasting might be the most effective and innovative way to ward off gophers from their burrows. Dirt mounds are formed from burrows, and a single gopher can create up to 300 dirt mounds a year, so imagine how much of a nuisance that causes to property owners nearby. Burrow blasting allows you to eradicate the gophers in your neighborhood with just one application. There are a variety of names explaining the same process and they are burrow blaster, varmitgetter, gopher blasting and rodent blaster. At Rodent Guys, we use Varmitgetter, which is an organic method of gopher control.

As the name suggests, burrow blasting contains blowing up the gopher tunnel underneath the ground. Essentially, we mix 4% of propane with oxygen and place wand inside the ground for 30-90 secs; 30 seconds is a good start for beginners. What results from it is a mild explosion within the underground, so do be careful since there is fire involved.This is poison free gopher control method, so nothing is getting harmed from chemicals, except for the gophers of course. The blast from the pressure is the actual cause that kills the rodents under the ground.

This method is usually used on large properties such as residential areas, golf courses, cemeteries, horse stables, vineyards and schools. Check out this page for information about gopher control for different places.