Rats and other rodents might pose a serious nuisance to your life at home, but skunks can be as irritating as these pests. Skunks are little mammals that you sometimes see on the side of the street or highway. They are usually black and white and a size of a cat. Skunk can become problematic if they won’t stop burrowing around your house or releasing their signature putrid smell. Here are some facts about skunks and tips on how to get rid of skunks.

From the four species of skunks in North America: hooded, striped, spotted and hog-nosed, the most common type is striped with black and white colors. They are usually 20-30 inches long weighing from 6 to 10 pounds. In addition to the U.S, they are also found throughout Mexico and Canada. They prefer a warm environment and dark locations where it’s less likely to be predatory. Skunks are members of the weasel family.

Urban_raccoon_and_skunkSkunks are mostly harmless; however they can be nuisances when they choose your lawn or yard to forage for food from the garbage cans. When you see a skunk, do not attempt to approach it because they will spray their signature pungent odor that is hard to take off, (especially on your pet!). Skunks spray when they think they are in a threatening situation, coming into close contact with people. Live skunks smell putridly, so imagine what dead skunks smell like!

Because skunks do not climb, they have a tendency to burrow under your house or shed and they travel in packs, so you will probably find more than one skunk. In this case, call Rodent Guys if you’re from Southern California regions. We offer the best and most effective skunk removal services. Our licensed trappers with Department of Fish and Game got your back!

If you have had any problems with wildlife inhabiting your attic, then attic cleaning is necessary not only to the well being, but also the sanitation of your house. Besides, the attic is probably going to be damaged depending on the type of wildlife or the intensity of damage the animals caused. Here are some reasons why you should clean and insulate your attic.

When a wildlife has infiltrated the attic, the insulation will be filthy. There will be a lot of animal droppings and urine, along with nesting material and food debris throughout the attic. This will cause a pungent odor all over your house – who wants to live in a house that smells like animal poop? Then, there will be growth of mold resulting from the excretion areas, and in no time, parasites, roundworms and other pathogens will find their way in. In addition, the pheromones that the wild animals leave in your attic will in turn attract more animals and the whole vicious cycle resumes. Under these unfavorable conditions, all you must do to protect the home and the people in it is to clean, decontaminate and restore the attic like it was before.

The common first step is to vacuum the droppings produced by smaller rodents and other types of animals, such as rats, squirrels, mice and birds. If these droppings are extended throughout the insulation, then it might have to be removed and replaced. Bigger droppings, however, have to be cleaned up by hand because vacuum is not powerful enough. Once the attic has been gotten rid of droppings, it has to be sanitized for the remaining debris, such as fur. Then, it’s time for a new insulation to be installed!

Rodent Guys’ sister site Save Energy Construction specialize in attic cleaning and insulation installing, so just ring them up when you’re in need of a serious attic makeover!

It’s well known that rats are not everybody’s favorite animals, and they are definitely not the first choice of pet for most people. Despite the minor fact that rats carried and spread the plague, they are pretty darn adorable.

Though for being considered vermin, they sure do make cute characters for film and television.

And of course Hollywood would be the one to make rats famous. Here’s a list of some films that feature the more popular, famous rodents.

Stuart Little (1999)


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Steamboat Willie (1928)


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The Great Mouse Detective (1986)


Photo from movies.disney.com







The Rescuers (1977)


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An American Tail (1986)


Photo from anamericantail.wikia.com








Ratatouille (2007)


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We may love these rodents, but sadly they are fictional. If you do see a real rat in your home, please call the experts over at Rodent Guys.

Rodents are not only annoying for your home, but also they can be detrimental to your health. Here is a comprehensive list of infectious diseases that can cause from rodents.Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is a severe respiratory disease in humans caused by an infected hantavirus from rodents. Rodent infestation is a big reason for the cause of this disease. This virus spreads through rodent droppings or urine and when you breathe through dust that have been contaminated by the excretion, the virus goes into you. Direct contact rodents or droppings can be a reason too. The disease is common throughout most of North and South America.

Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome is also caused by a hantavirus from rodents through their droppings and urine, much like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. The symptoms can form in a matter of 1 to 2 weeks and in severe cases, 8 weeks, and they include intense headaches, abdominal pain, fever, blurred vision and chills. More intense symptoms include acute shock, vascular leakage and acute kidney failure. HFRS can be found commonly in eastern Asia such as China, Korea and Russia.

Lassa Fever is an acute viral disease that is discovered in 1969 in the town of Lassa, Nigeria. It is similar to Ebola in that it is quite common in West Africa and has not been connected to a viral pathogen. Humans can get infected with Lassa fever through respiratory or gastrointestinal tracts by the feces of rodents

is a bacterial disease, also known as field fever or rat catcher’s yellows worldwide. It can be contracted from animals’ (mostly rodents) urine by water or soil and can be transmitted through contact with skin, eyes, nose or mouth. The symptoms can be too generic for their own good, such as, headaches and rashes, and sometimes there may be no symptom at all. However, without treatment it may lead to meningitis and kidney damage and even death. Leptospirosis can happen to both humans and animals.

Getting rid of gophers isn’t easy, and if they aren’t dealt with, they can create chaos on your property. Here are four methods for gopher removal and control to prevent gophers coming back for more.


  1. Physical Barriers:

Creating barriers around certain areas of your lawn or garden is a beneficial way to provide protection around your plants. Wire mesh can be nailed around the bottom and sides of the beds. Gophers tend to burrow deeper during summer so be sure to bury the wire mesh at least two feet underground.

  1. Habitat Modification:

Habitat modification can play a crucial role in getting rid of gophers. Moles tend to burrow closer to the surface when your lawn is wet which increases the visibility of their presence. To decrease their presence, you should water your lawn less. However, habitat modification should be used as a complimentary mole control method since it is never 100% guaranteed to work.

  1. Mole Traps

Experts are confident that traps are a sure way to get ride of moles. Traps designed specifically for gophers and moles are available to the public, but handling the traps can be dangerous. Traps should be placed at the bottom of an active hole. If a gopher or mole burrows through the hole, the trap will be triggered.

  1. Repellents:

Gopher repellents are the least effective way to control gophers. Repellents can be purchased in store, online, and even manufactured at home. A more common type of gopher repellent is castor oil granules. Make sure you place the repellent inside the opening of the burrows, and even though castor oil won’t kill the gophers, the smell will drive them away from your lawn.

Animal Trapping

Wild animal trapping for squirrels, raccoon, skunks, opossums is common in Southern California because they can easily get into a home through small holes. Telltale signs an animal has got in include noises from the attic or animal droppings located in crawl spaces or in an attic. These feces can cause allergic reactions in people and can lead to  diseases including Hantavirus, a potentially deadly virus. To best protect your health and home from squirrels and other pest intruders, Rodent Guys are properly licensed and trained for wildlife pest control and can offer the expertise you are looking for.

Rodent Guys Gopher and Pest Control follows the laws as set by California Department of Fish and Game.  For information about these laws please see our animal trapping laws page.  If you are hiring nuisance wildlife control company please ask if they have a trapping license from the California Fish and Game.  This is required by law and a pest control company is not licensed to trap raccoon, squirrel, skunks, etc without one.


Skunk Removal

Skunks make their presence known when they enter your structure or even your yard.  When they are close by you can smell skunks even after they left.  When they enter your homes crawl space or your garage the odor can become too much.

Rodent Guys skunk removal service may include trapping, excluding the skunks or both as well as deodorize the infected area.  The deodorizing will lessen the odor quite a bit but some people will still smell them for several days or even weeks.  The main thing to remember if you get a skunk in an unwanted area is to take care of it right away.  Luckily you found Rodent Guys Animal Trapping and now you can get your skunk problem taken care of right away.


Squirrel Removal

If you hear noises in the attic, chances are you may have a squirrel problem. As temperatures start to drop in the fall, squirrels enter houses looking for warmer areas and a place to nest for the winter. Squirrel problems can be considerable for homeowners.

Squirrels make openings in the exterior trim or siding of your property from which they will gain entry. Once the hole has been made they can continue their damage by gnawing on electrical wires. This chewing could cause a short in the wires and even a fire. Additionally, squirrels can be transporting fleas and other unwanted organisms.

Getting rid of squirrels may not require squirrel extermination. Rather, our trained and licensed squirrel control specialists will locate and close off all entry points. This will prevent squirrels from entering your residence. A one way door can be installed to let out any squirrels still in the home.

In addition, our wildlife control services include live trapping and removal. For more information on Rodent Guys squirrel exterminator services (exclusion and removal), please call us to discuss your situation.


Raccoon Removal

Raccoon are primarily nocturnal mammals that feed on berries, insects, fruit, chickens and small mammals. Although they live mostly in wooded areas, they adapt very well to urban and suburban areas. They like to find a new home beneath a deck or in an attic or a crawl space. Once they have gained access they will raise their young in these spaces.

Raccoon are known to be carriers of rabies and that their droppings are very unhealthy to humans. They are well adept with their hands (such as opening garbage cans, removing siding, tearing off shingles, etc.), they are very strong animals.  Because they can be a real danger to your health and property,raccoon control service is crucial in defending your house and family from these harmful pests.

Getting rid of raccoon in or around the residence does not always require raccoon extermination. Instead, Rodent Guys raccoon control specialists can use one way doors to let the animals leave and not return into the structure.  When this is not possible we can catch and remove these pests via live trapping methods. We follow State of California laws for removing trapped animals.

To keep raccoon from reentering your home, our raccoon technicians can also perform exclusions procedures.  This involves using metal flashing and metal mesh to close off any and all possible entry routes or in some cases re-construction of the entry area.  Although these are optional services they are greatly recommended.  Unless you are familiar with doing these exclusions it is suggested to allow the professionals like Rodent Guys to do them for you.

Additional raccoon wildlife control services  include removal of infected insulation, installing new insulation as well as repair of  any damaged areas.


Opossum Removal

Opossums are the sole North American marsupial (females have a pocket on their belly where they transport and feed their babies). Mature possums are approximately two feet in length and weigh about ten pounds. They are nighttime mammals that are omnivorous, great at climbing and are  known to act dead  ”play possum” as a defensive measure. Opossums are a nuisance and danger to homeowners because they settle down in attics and their large droppings carry various parasites and diseases. They are also well known to take garbage, dog food and harass pets.

Rodent Guys opossum control professionals have the experience and knowledge in many types of wildlife control to keep your home and loved ones safe from these and other pesky pests. Contact our opossum removal specialists today for your free home evaluation.


Rodent Guys wildlife control technicians are specially equipped to deal with most suburban and urban wildlife control issues. As part of the protection, our wildlife pest control company include raccoon removal, skunk removal, bat eradication, opossum removal, squirrel control as well as protecting your residence against pest such as snakes and more. Our wildlife control service professionals remove them from your home, we will find out how the annoyances are finding their way in and provide a thorough  wildlife control plan to stop them from getting in.

In addition, raccoon and opossum feces are transporting diseases and parasites so it should be number one priority  to call a specialists to extract the dirty insulation, and install new insulation as well as repair any damaged areas. Quite a few house owners may not know but these services are typically covered by your homeowners insurance.

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Wildlife control service done right.


How to get rid of gophers

Gophers are an agricultural pest that dig in the dirt living underground most of their lives.  Gophers eat almost any vegetation found in most landscapes.  They are frustrating for homeowners to control and this page is dedicated to show how Rodent Guys gets rid of gophers.How to get rid of gophers is a common search on the internet.
Many sites promising they have a product that will solve your gopher problem.  In most cases these methods that seem way to easy to work are just that – way too easy to work.Our pest control company has the best gopher guarantee of any service local to us.The following procedures are our actual methods used in both residential or commercial gopher control situations.

Gopher Mounds in grass

I see gopher mounds in my yard.

After initially seeing gophers have infested your property the best thing you can do is react immediately.  Controlling gophers is easier to do if you get right on it before they dig extensive tunnels and begin to breed.


How to get rid of gophers

Hot to get rid of gophers – Call Rodent Guys

Calling a professional like Rodent Guys means you can solve your problem quickly.  Getting rid of gophers takes practice which Rodent Guys has had plenty of.


Gopher yard inspection

Gopher inspection of damage

Rodent Guys technicians will inspect the property to ensure the rodent problem is in fact gopher.  How to get rid of gophers starts with proper identification of the pest.


Finding Gopher Tunnels

Finding gopher tunnels in grass

Once we know the pest we find where the gopher is living on the property.  The gophers tunnel system is located and the pest control trapper will determine how many tunnels he will use.


Setting gopher traps

Rodent Guys Trapping

Once our animal trapper find the gopher tunnels he will place traps to get rid of gopher quickly.  The traps are placed underground and out of site.  Small irrigation flags are used to hold the trap in place and mark their location.  WE DO NOT USE POISON BAIT FOR GETTING RID OF GOPHERS!


Removing trapped gopher out of tunnel

Removing trapped gopher

When our animal trapper returns he will check all gopher traps.  He will get rid of any gophers in tunnels by removing them and the trap.  If new activity is still visible the technician may set these traps in other locations or proceed to our next phase of gopher control.

Rodent Guys Reviews

60-day Guarantee Gopher / Mole Service – Upgradeable to 90 days

Thank you to our customers who have written reviews for us and have recommended us to their friend, family and neighbors. Here are some of the comments we have received through email, phone calls and online reviews.

“Just wanted to say thanks to you and your son for getting rid of my gopher and voles. The grass is starting to grow over the gopher holes, and there’s no evidence of any new vole activity in my yard or my neighbor’s yard. Well worth the money spent and I’ll gladly recommend your company to others in the neighborhood who might need your help.

Many thanks, Grant H” – sent by emailI had a problem with gophers in my backyard. It had been going on for a year or more. Then I recently saw evidence of activity in my front yard, and knew I had to take action. Contacted the company, and they treated my yard, hillsides, front yard, and back. I opted for two treatments, to take care of any survivors. Its been about a month since the service, and so far, so good. The gopher guy was very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.” – from Angies List

His name is Nick and he is the owner. He was perfect. He was very nice. He came along and did the job. He was right on time. It was a good price. He was thorough. He dealt with my elderly parents. He was very friendly. He was a nice family guy. My parents are 86 and 87 and they need help so I set it up for them. My dad sent me an email to say that he was very impressed with Nick and that he was an honest guy. The pricing was fair. He is well-qualified for this and is very experienced.” – from Angies List

Had a gopher problem since last spring that my husband was trying to take care of with no success. Nick was referred to us by my cousin who used him and he came out about two months ago or so and placed some sort of bait or poison in the gopher holes and we have not seen a gopher since. He estimated we had about 7 or 8 gophers which surprised us we thought we had 100 LOL. Anyway we will use Rodent Guy again and recommend to anyone with gophers.” – from Yahoo


Rodent Guys Pest Control came to my house in Claremont and did a great job. I then hired them for two rentals, one in Upland and one in Pomona and they did all that was promised for a what felt was a good rate. I continue to use them.” –from YahooI had gopher mounds or mole mounds all over my 2 acre yard in the back. I called one of the big companies out and they said I had pocket gophers. I asked how much to remove gophers or remove moles which ever I had and the price was so high I almost punched the guy. My neighbor recommended Rodent Guys to remove the gophers because I had no idea how to get rid of gophers and they came out and was almost half the price. They did two treatments of some sort of gopher patrol and all was fine for about three weeks. I then noticed some new gopher holes in yard and I called Rodent Guys and they said it was not a problem. They came out and did their gopher patrol treatment again and yard is clean of gopher holes or mole holes. I am quite pleased on the gopher removal program they have. I would sure love to have them come out and get rid of my racoon, ground squirrels, skunks, rattle snakes, and rats. HAHA! Great pest control company, will hire again.” – from Yahoo

Thank you for using Rodent Guys for your gopher control, mole control and ground squirrel control.

For those who are not familiar with the California Animal Trapping Laws, this is the right article to read. Every state is different from each other and has different laws and regulations and that also applies to animal trapping laws. One astonishing fact about California is that relocating wildlife is illegal. Here is the shortlist of laws in this state that will not only educate the non-experts but also enumerate what laws Rodent Guys abide by.

  • The number one rule, or the most important rule is that all animals must be euthanized immediately or released on the site that they were trapped. They are killed with the permission of local ordinances and land owners.
  • Because of the number one rule, no relocation of the trapped animals is allowed.
  • Recommended by the California Department of Fish and Game, Rodent Guys euthanized their wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, and squirrels, by shooting on site.
  • Trapping license is required and should be in immediate possession for the trapper to engage in animal trapping. Rest assured, our trappers at Rodent Guys are certified and ready to roll.
  • The trap set up should not be within 150 feet of a permanent or temporary residence due to potential risks. That is unless the landowner or resident gave a written permission to do the trapping closer to the resident.

For more detailed facts about California Animal Trapping Laws, click here on the Rodent Guys website.


Pocket Gophers
Pocket gophers are a small rodent about 6 inches long plus the tail are most often grayish brown. They have a very short tail, tiny ears and eyes, and huge exposed yellowish front incisors. They also have large, curved front claws used for digging.
Gopher Control
Gopher Control

How Do I Know if I Need Gopher Control?
Since gophers spend most of their time underground, they are hardly ever seen so the best identification method is to examine the dirt mounds that almost always accompany their activity. This is one reason gopher control is challenging. As gophers dig their tunnels, pocket gophers periodically shove dirt out to the surface forming mounds. The dirt is pushed to the surface from tunnels that are at an angle to the surface, so the mounds form in a crescent or horseshoe shape. This helps distinguish them from mounds made by moles which are volcano shaped. Pocket gopher burrows are almost always plugged. This helps to distinguish them from other burrowing rodents like ground squirrels or meadow mice. On average, a gopher makes about 1 to 3 mounds per day which is why you want to get rid of gophers right away. Gopher control (not gofer removal )is usually done by a professional pest control company with experience on how to control gophers.

Gopher Damage – Why you need gophers removed
Although gophers can be serious agricultural pests, most of the damage they cause is to landscaping and turf. They feed on many varieties of ornamental plants, and the mounds they make can be unsightly, damaging to turf, and even pose a quite real trip hazard on athletic fields. That trip hazard is also important around horse stables and livestock. The facilities feel it is crucial to perform gopher control to protect their expensive animals from breaking a leg.

Gopher Extermination
The most effective gopher control methods for effective gopher control are burrow fumigants, poison baiting and trapping. Trapping and baiting are options that an ordinary property owner can use with limited success. Burrow fumigants are very effective but are restricted materials, generally only available to and used by licensed professionals to perform gopher control. Burrow fumigants are not the same as the commonly available “smoke bombs” which are not very effective. It is illegal in California to use carbon monoxide from car exhaust or other sources to kill animals including to do gopher control. Baits available to the pest control professional are much higher strength and effective than what is available to a homeowner. The main reason to hire a gopher control expert is the knowledge of what method to use for each situation and proper placement of fumigants and or bait for effective gopher control.

What about flooding to get rid of gophers?
Outside of agricultural settings where a large amount of water can be put on an area in a short period of time and left standing for an extended period of time, this gopher control method has very little practical value for residential uses. The old “garden hose down the hole” method tried by almost everyone who has ever attempted to perform gopher control rarely works and is usually a waste of water and time. It can also cause erosion problems because you do not know where the water is going underground and you may cause significant property damage.

There are no repellents or scaring devices available at the present time that have been proved to protect lawns or other planting sites from pocket gophers. Several plants, such as gopher purge (Euphorbia lathyrus) and cantor bean ( Ricinus communis), have been purported to offer protection for a limited time from ravenous gophers, but these claims have never been proved. If they really worked for gopher control Rodent Guys could just simply spray this everywhere and the gophers would just disappear.

Trying to keep gopher control under control and out of your yard or garden by using physical barriers can sometimes be effective if done on a small scale. Any large project, such as placing fencing around the perimeter of your backyard would be cost prohibitive and would at best only provide short term control. Raised flower beds can be protected by placing a layer of 1/4 inch galvanized hardware cloth under the bed and securing it to the 2×6 wood frame before filling with soil. In reforestation or orchard situations, a “cage” of hardware cloth lining the hole and extending six inches aboveground can give a young tree room to establish a good root system before being exposed to gopher damage.

Six to eight inches of gravel 1 inch or more in diameter around underground utility cables or sprinkler lines may discourage gnawing by gophers.

Legal Status of gophers

Pocket gophers are classified by the California Department of Fish and Game as a nongame mammal. If they are causing damage, they are allowed to get gopher control using gopher traps and poison bait by the owner or tenant of the property or their employees. Any poison bait used must be registered for use in California for use for gopher control.

Rodent Guys Gopher Service
We will come out to get gopher control using the best methods based on each situation. Typically we use tunnel fumigation method to get rid of gophers because of it’s effectiveness where allowed. Depending on tunnel locations sometimes poison baits are used instead of fumigation of tunnels for gopher control. Gopher control is a tough job for the novice, we have a lot of experience with gopher control and will do a thorough job in doing so.

This is owner of Rodent Guys, Nick, holding 2 gophers, one caught in a gopher trap and one killed with strychnine. Treatment originated on 12-3-2010 and photo taken at customers house on 12-5-2010 when traps were checked. After just one treatment this yard had no more gopher holes appearing. Thats gopher control.

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