Dead Animal Removal Altadena

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal by Rodent Guys

Dead animal removal Altadena CA is a priority call for us.  When residence call for dead animal removal it is something they want done right away.  If we have an available technician in your area when you call we will do our best to reroute his day to take care of your dead animal removal Altadena.

When we come to your Altadena home for dead animal removal we go under the home or in the attic to locate it.  Sometimes the animal is easy to find and is laying out in the open.  Often times this is not the case however.

When animals are dying they tend to find a dark secluded place to lay down.  The places can be under the insulation in attic, in walls and other voids or inside air conditioning ducts.  This creates a challenge for finding the dead animal.  As gross as it sounds, technicians let their noses lead to the carcass.

There are cases where the animal dies in a part of the structure that is not accessible to humans.  This means either not being able to get the animal or in order to get to it the structure will have to be opened.  This can mean cutting the drywall or other construction.

Some Altadena customers will elect not to open the structure because of cost or do not want to alter the structure.  Technicians will always do their best to find the dead animal and remove it with the least damage to the structure, or none if possible. Altadena dead animal removal can be tough process depending on where the animal died and our technicians are up to the task.

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