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Gopher Control

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Gopher control by Rodent Guys

Rodent Guys Gopher Control and Mole Extermination in Seal Beach is the premiere gopher trapping firm in Southern California. Residential homes come with our 60-day guarantee for gopher and mole removal. No gopher control company servicing Seal Beach, CA can offer you the assurance, pet safe techniques and top notch customer service like Rodent Guys Pest Control.

Our gopher removal techniques in the Seal Beach location are reduced risk for pets given that we don’t make use of poisonous substance. We use a mixture of gopher traps and carbon monoxide gas treatments for gopher control Seal Beach. The traps used are placed underground where the gophers stay. These traps are not seen from above.

The carbon monoxide treatment is accomplished with devices to flood the gopher burrow with gas. The gas presses the available oxygen from the burrow leaving an uninhabitable setting. Your Seal Beach residential property will be well looked after with the two method technique.

Grass - Gopher mound

Gopher mound in grass

A 60-day guarantee is basic with residential gopher service in Seal Beach, CA. If gopher activity comes back during the guarantee time you should call Rodent Guys to headback out at no extra expense. Call backs throughout the 60-day guarantee are unlimited.

There is no functional way to keep gophers out of your Seal Beach landscape. If you have hefty gopher infestation around your home you may need regular gopher service. In these cases we offer regular monthly and quarterly services.

Regular monthly gopher extermination entails our technician inspecting your Seal Beach property once per month around the same time each monthly visit. If the homeowner or renter views gopher activity, Rodent Guys can be recalled out at no extra expense. Rodent Guys will either do an additional service, or, if the scheduled appointment is just around the corner we will do that service early. Quarterly visits functions the exact same way, only the set up services are every three months, however still has limitless call backs.

Mole Extermination

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Mole control by Rodent Guys

Moles burrow in the dirt similarly to pocket gophers. The normal proof you have a mole is their shallow tunneling that can be seen from the surface. These tunnels are undesirable and make Seal Beach home proprietors crazy.

Moles can be trapped, baited with low-dose bait or managed with carbon monoxide. The normal method is mole trapping in Seal Beach. Traps are established in the path of the tunnel which will eliminate the mole when it travels through. Anywhere from 1 to 10 traps could be utilized for the normal sized jobs with 2-4 being regular.

A reduced dose bait could additionally be utilized. This bait is low dose and is developed to eliminate a mole which is the size of a mouse. This bait is much safer compared to various other poisons having a greater dosage of active chemical.

Mole Tunnel made in grass

Mole evidence

Like with gopher, moles could be regulated with carbon monoxide gas. The gas is infused into the tunnel to diminish the oxygen level. When this technique is used, the animal will perish underneath the ground in the mole tunnel. Despite the approach the technician makes use of the service includes a 60-day guarantee. The mole guarantee functions just like the gopher guarantee.

Rodent Guys is the very best gopher and mole removal for Seal Beach, CA. The pet safe techniques and finest guarantee makes Rodent Guys Pest Control the rational choice. Call Rodent Guys today for more info about this and more Seal Beach pest control service for a free of cost quote.


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