Gopher Control Riverside CA

Riverside Gopher Control

Rodent Guys is the professional gopher control business in Southern California servicing Riverside, CA.  The area of Corona gopher control and removal is our top specialty. We perform outdoor pest control that includes Gopher removal, Mole removal and Squirrel removal. Since Rodent Guys concentrates on these 3 pests we excel at it and perform this type of pest control each and every day. Please click our main internet site at We service the majority of Los Angeles County, all Orange County, out to Redlands in San Bernardino County and down to Wildomar in Riverside County.

Riverside gopher control can be done with the use of poison baits, trappingcarbon monoxide gas, Tunnel Fill or burrow blasting. OUR NORMAL CONTROL IS PERFORMED WITH TRAPPING AND CARBON MONOXIDE GAS INJECTION – ANIMAL SAFE. We have numerous devices and approaches for elimination that can be suited to your lawn. Rodent Guys service is done by experienced professionals that do rodent elimination daily. Our technicians DO NOT carry out other pests like termites and bedbugs. This says that worker that comes to your property is familiar with all the methods we carry out.


We have made use of lots of ways for gopher control for our customers over the previous years. The main reasons to make use of trapping as a main technique of extermination is it works very well and is pet-safe, child-safe, wildlife-safe. There is no doubt when you pull out a gopher the issue is cared for.

Carbon monoxide gas

Our company know people want their parasite problem fixed rapidly. When we follow our trapping program up with a carbon monoxide treatment we have actually now made use of a totally separate method using a different methodology to help guarantee the best opportunities of complete elimination.

The carbon monoxide gas floods the burrow system with an un-breathable environment which only needs them to breathe as a method of elimination. The entire system which is linked by tunneling is fulled of this lethal gas in about 30 seconds and will remove gophers within the tunnels including young in the burrow. After the machines are turned off the gas rapidly dissipates from the tunnels. People and animals above ground are untouched by the treatment down in the tunnel. Our devices are signed up and approved by EPA and State of California regulations for everyone’s security.

Guarantee Duration

Rodent Guys has the very best guarantee of any business we know about. Our conventional guarantee is 60 days. So while you are under your guarantee period if you discover any activity you can call us out without any cost to your home and we will re-treat the area.

Month-to-month Schedule

We perform regular service for residential and commercial properties for Riverside County including Eastvale Gopher Control. This is typically carried out on a monthly or quarterly basis including Rodent Guys coming to your home one-time each month or quarter walking the whole landscape and dealing with the activity.

If you notice indications of gopher anytime between your set up goes to you can call us out to take care of it so you do not have to wait for your next scheduled service. This lessens the damage they cause and keep you at its best. We will either do an extra visit or perform the next browse through early depending exactly how quickly your next examination is set up.

Feel free to call us now to find out even more about the Riverside gopher control  options.

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