Gopher Damage and Repairs

Gophers are underground inhabitants, which is why the only proof of their presence is the crescent-shaped mound they leave on your lawn. Gophers dig about 6-12 inches beneath the soil so they can feed on the roots of your bushes and vegetables and chew through the grass. If gophers aren’t controlled, they could end up killing off your prized plants.

In case gophers have already destroyed your lawn, here is a step by step process on how repair the damage:


Photo courtesy of Pest Control RX

Lawn Repair

  1. Dig up all the soil aboveground until you can see the bottom of the tunnel before the ground. Tunnels can be as deep as 2 feet.
  2. Pour 1 foot of gravel in the bottom of the tunnel and then fill the rest of the tunnel with soil.
  3. Add topsoil to level out the tunnel with the height of the lawn. Some tunnels have areas where the tunnel is deeper in one spot than another.
  4. Sprinkle grass seed on the topsoil then add ¼ of an inch of topsoil over the grass seeds.
  5. Water the grass seed thoroughly and be sure to keep the soil watered and most for the next two weeks.

Photo of Fiber Optic Cables, courtesy of Rodrepel

Damage to your bushes and lawn can be aggravating and easily replaced, but damage done by gophers to your irrigation pipes and underground utility lines can be even more aggravating and expensive. You’ll most likely have to hire a professional to excavate, lay new lines, and fill the ground back up which can cost up to $3,000. In order to protect your underground lines make sure you surround them with 6 inches of gravel and use pipes that are bigger than 2 inches in diameter because gophers will be unable to gnaw at materials larger than that.