Interesting Mole Facts


Photo courtesy of RipleyNurseries

Moles are small mammals covered in fur, their eyes are small, and their ears are not visible. In one hour, moles can dig up to 18 feet. Their diet is based on grubs, insects, and worms and they will eat 50 pounds of worms a year. Interesting facts about moles are as abundant as their appetite, so here’s a list that digs up some important information about moles.

  1. Found Almost Anywhere

Moles can be found in Asia, Europe, North America, and South Africa but surprisingly enough there are no moles in Ireland. Moles in the northern hemisphere are known as true moles. In South Africa, there are moles that are able to “swim” through sand in desert areas.

  1. Love the Underground Life

The only time moles are above ground is when males go to find their mates. Most moles spend their entire lives underground. Moles are capable of living in tunnels because they have a particular form of hemoglobin that allows them to recycle oxygen. A moles six-fingered hand with two thumbs is fully fitted to digging through dirt.

  1. Aren’t Nocturnal

Moles are more active when it’s quiet and they don’t hear animals or people walking around their burrows. They like to sleep in shifts throughout the day and night.


  1. Good for Your Garden

Having moles in your garden can be useful because they eat grubs that kill grass and young shrubs. Moles can also help with aerating your soil.

  1. Don’t Live Alone

There can be as many as a dozen moles living in a group together but usually are territorial creatures that do not get along with one another.