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Mole Control
Mole Removal by Rodent Guys

Moles feed on small invertebrate animals living under ground eg: earthworms & other soil inhabiting insects and their various life stages. Moles remove many damaging insects and grubs from lawns and gardens. However, their burrowing habits destroy lawns and parks beauty, destroy flower beds, tear up the roots of grasses and not welcome by most property owners.

It is important to properly identify the kind of animal causing damage before setting out to control the damage. Moles and pocket gophers are often found in the same location and their damage is often confused. Control methods differ for the two species. 



Mole Mound

Mole Mound

Moles leave volcano-shaped hills that are often made up of clods of soil. The Mole hills are pushed up from the deep tunnels and may be 2 to 24 inches (5 to 60 cm) tall. The number of Mole hills is not a measure of the number of Moles in a given area.


Mole Surface Tunnel

Mole evidence

Surface tunnels or ridges are indicative of Mole activity. These unsightly push ups in the soil are only created by moles.  The tunnels can be pressed down but will be pushed back up the next time the mole passed through. Removing the mole is the only way to get the damage to stop.


Gopher mound

Gopher mound

Pocket gopher mounds are generally kidney-shaped and made of finely sifted soil. Generally, gophers leave larger mounds than Moles do. Gopher mounds are often built in a line, indicative of a deeper tunnel system. 

Mole Control and Mole Removal is the only way to Control Moles and Mole Breeding. A Mole Nuisance in the home can upset daily life and Removing Moles from the home can be even more challenging. They are much trickier than gophers.

Calling Rodent Guys can make your life easier than trying to control one of the hardest pest in the garden.  Our trapping and carbon monoxide methods are safe for kids and dogs.  We can also use bait in some situations for mole control.

Trapping is our main method of mole extermination.  The traps are set across the surface tunnels.  The mole is trapped the next time it travels that tunnel.  Picking the right tunnel to trap is the main challenge and Rodent Guy has is down.

Carbon Monoxide gas can also be used for mole removal.  The gas is injected into the mole tunnel system.  As the gas is injected it pushes out the available oxygen and the mole can not breath in the burrow.  The mole will perish in the tunnel system and no body will be recovered.

Mole bait can also be used in some situations.  The bait is a low toxicity formula made to kill a mole which is similar in size to a mouse.  The bait is placed in the tunnel system for the mole to find at a later time.

Rodent Guys Pest Control offers a 60-day guarantee for mole control.  Any activity in the guarantee period will be treated at no extra cost.