Opossum Removal Fontana

Opossum remvoal by Rodent Guys


Opossum removal Fontana calls normally come in when opossums find their way into the attic.  Open vents or doors are found by wandering animals looking for shelter.  When opossums find these openings they can make your Fontana home into their home.

The first step in opossum control is sealing up the structures and removing the food sources. Sealing up the structure involves closing off vents, poorly closing access doors or even holes in siding or other structural openings.  Food sources such as rotten fruit from trees, dog food, cat food or almost any edible source needs to be removed.  Opossums eat almost anything from rotten food, dead animals to pet food.

Opossums are normally trapped in live animal traps.  Bait is placed into the trap to entice the animal in.  When to opossum enters the trap far enough it will step onto the trap door release.  The door it entered through will close and it is only able to be opened from the outside.

Rodent Guys licensed trappers will be dispatched out to take care of all trapped animals.  At no point should a customer feel the need to go near the trap. Your Fontana opossum trapping job is in good hands with our experienced trappers.

Our trappers follow the California Depart of Fish and Game trapping laws.  The California trapping laws do not allow for animals to be relocated.  All trapped animals must be released onsite or euthanized.  Any company telling you different is either not licensed (you need a special license, not a pest control license to trap animals) or is lying to you.  Either way if they are telling you anything different do not trust them.

When the animals enter the structure they use the space as a nesting area as well as a bathroom.  If the pest damage is heavy, Rodent Guys owns equipment to remove and replace attic insulation.  This process involves us vacuuming the feces, ruined insulation and spraying the area with sanitizer.  Once cleaned, new insulation is blown into the attic making it well insulated and clean.

We also do Fontana raccoon removal, skunk removal and squirrel control.  Please call or email at contact@rodentguys.com for more information about wildlife trapping and raccoon trapping.