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Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Trapping by Rodent Guys

La Crescenta raccoon removal and trapping services by Rodent Guys is done with live traps that are baited to entice the raccoon into the trap.  The traps have a door which closes after the raccoon enters and steps on the trap door release.  Once the door shuts it can only be opened from the outside.

The raccoon will be unable to get out of the live animal trap but you need to stay clear of it.  Trapped raccoon will be irritated and some can be vicious if they feel threatened.  Our licensed trappers will come to remove the raccoon from the property.  There is no reason for you to go near the trap!

Our technicians will follow the laws as set by the California Department of Fish and Game.  According the California trapping laws all trapped animals must be either euthanized on site our released on site.  It is illegal in the State of California to relocate animals and Rodent Guys will not offer this service.

Because raccoon can climb over walls, fences and trees, keeping them out of your yard in nearly impossible. Making your yard less attractive is the first step to controlling raccoon.  Some of the ways to do this is by getting rid of the two things they are normally after which is food and shelter.

Shelter can be a shed, your attic, wood piles or other places they can get out of the elements. In the spring time this can be especially important because female raccoon will want to find a birthing place.  Once raccoon think the area is home, getting rid of raccoons becomes a bigger challenge.  Often times after a raccoon has made your property home they will need to be trapped.

Food sources need to be located and appropriate measures taken to eliminate them.  Raccoon will be attracted to pet food such as dog food or cat food.  This is probably the most common raccoon attractant we find when we come to trap raccoon.

Other foods can be excessive fruit in the yard from your trees.  Open garbage cans can also attract raccoon so putting tight fitting lids on the cans is recommended.  If you have pet doors you may want to block them off at night to prevent raccoon from entering your home.

We also do La Crescenta skunk removal, opossum removal and squirrel control.  Please call or email at contact@rodentguys.com for more information about wildlife trapping and raccoon trapping.