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Gopher Control

Gopher Control - pocket gopher picture

Gopher control by Rodent Guys

Rodent Guys are the best gopher control company for your Southern California property. Gopher Control is one of our biggest jobs and our true specialty. We take pride in being the best in gopher control company and we can take care of your problem on a one-time or monthly program.

We have several techniques to take care of your gopher control problems and the best guarantee to back it up. Our main methods include trapping and injecting high levels of carbon monoxide into the burrow system with our specialized gopher equipment.  This gopher control method is safe for dogs and children and more effective than gopher bait.  Learn more about the our methods we use to get rid of gophers on your property.

Our techniques include pressurized exhaust, underground trapping, and burrow blasting. For more information on pocket gopher control please go to our gopher control page.  Don’t forget we offer pet safe gopher control.

Why don’t we rely on gopher bait for gopher control like most pest control companies?
Plain and simple: It does not work well.  It only has 50-60% effectiveness.  If your dog eats it or eats a gopher that ate bait chances are your dog will not survive.

  • Our methods are very effective with most homes 100% gopher free in one application
  • Trapped gophers dead overnight, exhaust treated gophers dead before we leave
  • We use both trapping and pressurized exhaust – 2 methods = better results
  • Best guarantee in Southern California: 60 Days
  • Perfectly safe for dogs and kids

 Ground Squirrel Control

Ground Squirrel Removal

Ground Squirrel Control by Rodent Guys

Rodent Guys Gopher & Pest Control is licensed in agricultural pest control and is the right company to call for squirrel control that may be digging around your foundation, eating crops and effecting your property. These squirrels are cute but very damaging to landscape. Because of their cute personalities some people have a hard time to kill squirrels for control.  This is until they find their block wall falling over or other damage.

Several techniques can be used to achieve squirrel control and get rid of ground squirrels.  When we come to your property we will come up with the proper and safest method to eliminate your squirrel problem. We are the right choice for a ground squirrel control and removal company in So California. More information on ground squirrels and squirrel control methods please see our  ground squirrels page.  We also offer pet safe squirrel control.

Mole Control 

Mole Extermination

Mole control by Rodent Guys

Rodent Guys Pest Control are mole control experts, especially agriculture pest control like moles. We know how to kill moles and how to eliminate them from your yard. Mole control is completely different looking than other burrowing animals in looks, diet and activities. We take pride in being the best mole control company and that includes being effective with moles in residential and commercial settings.

We can take care of your mole control on a one-time or monthly program. We have several techniques to kill moles and eliminate lawn moles from making a mess of your yard. We are equipped to use mole traps and several types of poisons control.

Moles push up dirt along the sidewalk, around rocks, trees and hardscape around your yard.  In the turf they make lines of dead grass by pushing the roots up out of soil.  This causes the grass to dry out. The mole is eating bugs, grubs and especially worms. They also create mounds which are volcano shaped and can be quite large. When we show up to your location we can tell right away if you have one doing the damage on your lawn. We will also come up with the most effective way to get control using either bait or traps or a combination.  We also offer pet safe mole control.

Trapping | Gophers – Moles – Squirrels

Raccoon Trapping - picture of raccoon in the US

Raccoon Trapping by Rodent Guys

Rodent Guys Pest Control specialties are Pocket Gopher control, Mole extermination and Ground Squirrel removal. We are home based in La Verne and service most of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and all of Orange Counties. We have many customers needing Claremont gopher control, Fontana gopher control, Upland gopher control, Covina gopher control, Diamond Bar gopher control, Brea gopher control, Riverside gopher control, Corona gopher control, Pasadena gopher control, Altadena gopher control ,Pomona gopher control, and La Habra gopher control and other local cities.

Rodent Guys has licensed trappers to remove damaging pests like raccoon, skunks, opossums, coyote and other wildlife.  Rodent Guys trappers are licensed from the State of California Fish and Game and use safe, human and approved methods for wildlife control.  Please see our live animal trapping page for more information.

If you are in need in raccoon removal, skunk removal, opossum removal or other wildlife control please call us to discuss your situation.  We can quote you a price for a solution to the damage being caused by these wild animals.  Our service can include wildlife trapping, exclusion and/or other modifications to your home or landscape.  Rest assured Rodent Guys has licensed trappers by the State of California Department of Fish and Game who are trained and insured for you families safety and human treatment of the animals.

Vole Removal

Rodent Guys Pest Control are also Vole control experts. Voles are usually spotted in the grass with small open holes with missing grass around the opening. Often times voles will take over existing tunnels of gophers and moles to make their vole burrow. Voles are also known as field mice. Voles can be controlled with traps or poisons. We can get you back to being in vole control.


Some great sites we think are good reference for gopher control and extermination in general:

Los Angeles County Agriculture Commissioner Office
Riverside County Agriculture Commissioner Office
Orange County Agriculture Commissioner Office
San Bernardino County Agriculture Commissioner Office
University of California Davis Pest Control

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