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Skunk Control

Skunk removal Westchester service calls come from residential homes, schools, office buildings any anywhere else people or pets are nearby.  Nobody wants a skunk near them because of their terrible odor which near impossible to remove.

Of course skunks are easy to identify.  Being the size of a cat, always black with a white stripe down the back they have a unique appearance.  It goes without saying if you see a skunk to stay clear.  They are not aggressive animals and they want nothing to do with you.

If you do come close to a skunk watch for the stomping of the feet.  This is a sign they feel threatened and they are warning you they are prepared to spray if you do not back off.  Moving slowly back is the best way to avoid getting sprayed by a skunk.

Skunks do not climb so the most common problems with them is getting under a house or under a shed.  Homes often have missing screens usually caused by a cable company or phone company opening them to run lines and not fixing them.  If the opening is big enough, the skunk can push it’s way into the opening.  They can live under the house for quite some time before noticing them.

Skunks live in small family units.  This means if you have one skunk under the house it is possible you have a few.  If you smell skunks under the house do not go under there.  Do not block them inside because you will kill skunks by giving them no access to food or water.  If you think live skunks smell – try a dead one.

The best thing to do when you have a skunk removal Westchester service need is to call Rodent Guys.  We have licensed trappers with the Department of Fish and Game to deal with your Westchester skunk problem.

California trapping laws require trapped skunks to be released on site or euthanized, they can not be relocated.  Any company who says they relocate trapped animals is either not licensed or lying to you.  Either way do not trust anyone who tells you they are relocating trapped animals in California.  Please see our California Trapping Laws page which has links to the California codes.

One-way doors. We do have an option which works in some, but not all situations.  We use one-way doors to allow skunks to leave the structure but unable to return.  The reason this sometimes is not possible is because skunks can dig under the home.  If there is cement or other barrier that prevents them from digging under then this is a good option.

The best part is the skunk does not need to be trapped and simply finds a new home. After the skunks leave the one-way door is removed and the hole needs to be repaired to prevent them from regaining access.

We also do Westchester raccoon removal, opossum removal and squirrel control.  Please call or email at for more information about wildlife trapping and raccoon trapping.