Animal Trapping Laws in California

For those who are not familiar with the California Animal Trapping Laws, this is the right article to read. Every state is different from each other and has different laws and regulations and that also applies to animal trapping laws. One astonishing fact about California is that relocating wildlife is illegal. Here is the shortlist of laws in this state that will not only educate the non-experts but also enumerate what laws Rodent Guys abide by.

  • The number one rule, or the most important rule is that all animals must be euthanized immediately or released on the site that they were trapped. They are killed with the permission of local ordinances and land owners.
  • Because of the number one rule, no relocation of the trapped animals is allowed.
  • Trapping license is required and should be in immediate possession for the trapper to engage in animal trapping. Rest assured, our trappers at Rodent Guys are certified and ready to roll.
  • The trap set up should not be within 150 feet of a permanent or temporary residence due to potential risks. That is unless the landowner or resident gave a written permission to do the trapping closer to the resident.

For more detailed facts about California Animal Trapping Laws, click here on the Rodent Guys website.

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