While Some May Look Cute, the Damage They Do Is Anything But. Reclaim Your Property with Rodent Guys, Southern California’s Pros.

Because the health and safety of our customers is always first and foremost, Rodent Guys features innovative non-poison methods. There are two safe methods we use in our arsenal of techniques—trapping and pressurized exhaust.

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Squirrels, Moles, and Gophers—They Can Run, But They Can’t Hide! Least Not On Rodent Guys’ Watch!

As most southern California homeowners and business owners know, gophers have been known to damage underground installations such as water pipes and electrical cables, disrupting water and electrical supplies. Not on our watch! Rodent Guys has the experience, equipment, and firsthand knowledge to ensure you’re able to reclaim your property.

Reclaim Your Yard: No More Gophers—60 days, and If They Return, Rest Assured, Rodent Guys Will Too!

Moles are a challenge to control but with Rodent Guys’ in-line mole traps, plunger traps, choker mole traps, and scissor traps, your yard’s moles are simply no match.

  • Gopher Control
  • Burrow Blasting
  • Squirrel Extermination
  • Mole Extermination

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Our Promise

Call Rodent Guys and be gopher and mole-free for 60 days and if they return within the 60 days, rest assured, Rodent Guys will too!

We are the best gopher control company for your southern California property. We can usually take care of your problem in one visit. With a monthly program, we can control gopher populations.


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