Are rodents damaging your yard?

Call Rodent Guys and be gopher
and mole free for 60 days, guaranteed!
We are the best gopher control company for your Southern California property. We can usually take care of your problem in one visit. With a monthly program, we can control gopher populations.



Animal Trapping

We offer Control of:
Squirrels       Raccoon
Skunks          Opossum
Gophers       Moles
What is Exclusion?
Exclusion is the humane and life-oriented approach to pest control. By identifying how an animal is getting inside your home and sealing the points of entry, without trapping the animal inside, exclusion motivates the animal to leave the property and can be done for squirrels, raccoon, skunks or opossum.
We also offer skunk removal & deodorizing!
We are fully licensed in agricultural pest control, wildlife removal and general contracting.
We do not provide control or exclusion for rats or mice!
We follow the laws as set by California Department of Fish and Game.

Gopher Control Trapping & Removal

We offer pet friendly gopher control with no poison options.  Our professional gopher trappers will get control of gophers with traps set in the ground.  Our award winning service comes with a 60 day guarantee for gopher control and best of all it is safe for wildlife and your pets.

For more information see our page for Pet Friendly gopher control


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