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Rodent Guys is the premier gopher extermination company in Southern California.  Having much concern of customers dogs and children’s safety we offer innovative non poison methods.  Pet safe rodent control is our normal way to exterminate gophers. There are two safe methods we use in our arsenal of techniques – trapping and pressurized exhaust.

Pressurized exhaust is our most innovative gopher and burrowing rodents treatment method. This method uses exhaust that has been pressurized into a tank and connected with 300 foot lines and insertion probe. The probe is place into the gophers burrow system and injected with high concentrations of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to suffocate and kill the gopher, mole or squirrel.

This method can be used year-round with good control and safe for your pets and family.  These units are expensive and only used by companies who truly specialize in gophers.  Just another reason to see why Rodent Guys is the company to call for gophers, moles and squirrels.

Burrow blasting is another innovative tool Rodent Guys owns and uses to control gophers and ground squirrels.  This technique is designed for larger properties and larger infestations.  The advantage of this method is the destruction of the tunnel system which reduces further infestations.  The disadvantage of this method is the destruction to the turf and landscape along with fire danger and noise level.

In the right situation, this is an effective tool for gopher control and ground squirrel control.  The biggest advantage of this method – its a blast to use. (pun intended)

Gopher mound in grass

Gopher trapping is an effective gopher control method and like any other method has its pros and cons.  The pros of gopher trapping is with a trained technician 100% control can be achieved.  The other big advantage of trapping is the fact that no poison is needed to gain control.  The disadvantage of gopher trapping is the required labor to set traps and the repeat visits to set and re-set traps.  All and all an effective and sound way to control gophers.

Rodent Guys is versed in many methods to control gophers in small residential up to large commercial sites.  We implement many techniques to control your gopher population, moles or squirrels with trapping being just one of ways to control gophers.

Mole Trapping is the trickiest of all the rodents we control.  Rodent Guys uses trapping as the primary mole control method.  We use several types of traps including in-line mole traps, plunger traps, choker mole traps and scissor traps.  We choose the type of trap based on the evidence left behind and soil conditions of the property.  Mole jobs can take overnight or sometimes a few weeks to gain control.

California Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel control has it’s best success through trapping.  Our trapping techniques will trap multiple squirrels in a single trap for quick and efficient squirrel control.  The advantage of trapping ground squirrels is no poisons are used.

We also do squirrel trapping in conjunction with our pressurized exhaust to get the best of both worlds and still a very safe squirrel control strategy.

Call us today to discuss your needs and concerns with controlling rodents with pet safe rodent control on your property.  We can discuss your unique situation and decide which is the best method or methods to get your property back in shape.   Your safety and the safety of your pets and other wildlife is our greatest concern.  The biggest advantage of using Rodent Guys is we can keep safety in mind and yet still get results.

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