Ways to Get Rid of Gophers & Moles

Getting rid of gophers isn’t easy, and if they aren’t dealt with, they can create chaos on your property. Here are four methods for gopher removal and control to prevent gophers coming back for more.

1. Physical Barriers:

Creating barriers around certain areas of your lawn or garden is a beneficial way to provide protection around your plants. Wire mesh can be nailed around the bottom and sides of the beds. Gophers tend to burrow deeper during summer so be sure to bury the wire mesh at least two feet underground.

  1. Habitat Modification:

Habitat modification can play a crucial role in getting rid of gophers. Moles tend to burrow closer to the surface when your lawn is wet which increases the visibility of their presence. To decrease their presence, you should water your lawn less. However, habitat modification should be used as a complimentary mole control method since it is never 100% guaranteed to work.

  1. Mole Traps

Experts are confident that traps are a sure way to get ride of moles. Traps designed specifically for gophers and moles are available to the public, but handling the traps can be dangerous. Traps should be placed at the bottom of an active hole. If a gopher or mole burrows through the hole, the trap will be triggered.

  1. Repellents:

Gopher repellents are the least effective way to control gophers. Repellents can be purchased in store, online, and even manufactured at home. A more common type of gopher repellent is castor oil granules. Make sure you place the repellent inside the opening of the burrows, and even though castor oil won’t kill the gophers, the smell will drive them away from your lawn.

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