How to get rid of gophers

Gophers are an agricultural pest that dig in the dirt living underground most of their lives.  Gophers eat almost any vegetation found in most landscapes.  They are frustrating for homeowners to control and this page is dedicated to show how Rodent Guys gets rid of gophers.How to get rid of gophers is a common search on the internet.
Many sites promising they have a product that will solve your gopher problem.  In most cases these methods that seem way to easy to work are just that – way too easy to work.Our pest control company has the best gopher guarantee of any service local to us.The following procedures are our actual methods used in both residential or commercial gopher control situations.

Gopher Mounds in grass

I see gopher mounds in my yard.

After initially seeing gophers have infested your property the best thing you can do is react immediately.  Controlling gophers is easier to do if you get right on it before they dig extensive tunnels and begin to breed.


How to get rid of gophers

Hot to get rid of gophers – Call Rodent Guys

Calling a professional like Rodent Guys means you can solve your problem quickly.  Getting rid of gophers takes practice which Rodent Guys has had plenty of.


Gopher yard inspection

Gopher inspection of damage

Rodent Guys technicians will inspect the property to ensure the rodent problem is in fact gopher.  How to get rid of gophers starts with proper identification of the pest.


Finding Gopher Tunnels

Finding gopher tunnels in grass

Once we know the pest we find where the gopher is living on the property.  The gophers tunnel system is located and the pest control trapper will determine how many tunnels he will use.


Setting gopher traps

Rodent Guys Trapping

Once our animal trapper find the gopher tunnels he will place traps to get rid of gopher quickly.  The traps are placed underground and out of site.  Small irrigation flags are used to hold the trap in place and mark their location.  WE DO NOT USE POISON BAIT FOR GETTING RID OF GOPHERS!


Removing trapped gopher out of tunnel

Removing trapped gopher

When our animal trapper returns he will check all gopher traps.  He will get rid of any gophers in tunnels by removing them and the trap.  If new activity is still visible the technician may set these traps in other locations or proceed to our next phase of gopher control.